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“Untitled” - Crop Inputs

1998-1999 Precision Agriculture Buyer’s Guide
Written By:  Robert J. Wanzel
1998-1999 pg. 31

Gary Wagner, a precision farmer from Minnesota, told a group of farmers, “I was a teen when my father passed away.  He took with him all of the experience and knowledge of our family farm. If that should happen to my kids, I would leave behind an extensive database that I know would put them in a lot better shape than what we face.”

The past year we’ve seen a great emphasis placed on collecting crop production data. There could be no better reason for doing this than that suggested by Wagner.

Many major input suppliers are poised to turn high-tech information-gathering techniques into critical crop production decisions.  Extensive farm databases are a reality in many parts of the country, and these computer-generated information systems will yield clues to future production decisions that are critical to the agricultural crop input industry.

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