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Gary Wagner Has A Concern for Conservation
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May 1985

Gary Wagner - AWG Farms Inc.Gary Wagner is a Red River Valley farmer with a concern for conservation.  Currently vice-chairman, Wagner has been a member of the West Polk Soil and Water Conservation District board for the past six years. He finds the insight hes gained into the problems of other area of the county among the most valuable things hes learned as a district supervisor.

Wagner, his wife Lori, and daughters Amber and Autumn reside on a farmstead near Eldred. Both are very active in soil conservation programs and activities such as farmstead windbreaks and beautification programs. Mrs. Wagner also dedicates time to the district educational programs.

A key leader in the effort to obtain the soil survey for Polk county, Wagner has already been using information from the mapping of Roome Township as part of his total management plan for AWG Farms.

Along with his two brothers, Wayne and Daryl, Wagner farms land in the Crookston and Eldred area. Their major crops are sugarbeets, wheat, barley, and sunflowers. To meet the challenge of a large operation with a variety of crops of different soils, they have gone to computerization.

Conservation tillage has been a key practice for a number of years.  At planting time they leave 30-50 percent residue cover.  Wagner states that it has provided some real benefits in reducing the effects of wind erosion as well as saving up to 20 percent in fuel consumption with no yield reduction.

By implementing and promoting conservation practices, Wagner has done much for agriculture in the valley.

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