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Small Boy’s Problem (a Northwestern Bell Telephone Company Advertisement)
Farm Paper H-0288-R.I.
Written By:  Unknown
November 1958

Small Boys Problem - Gary WagnerSunny autumn day, brothers in school, add up to a ... Small Boy’s Problem

Take a small boy after a summer of fun and separate him from two school-age brothers during school hours.  Result: On knotty problem of “what to do” when the boys are in school.

That’s where we find four-year-old Gary Wagner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Wagner, Polk County, Minn. Let’s see what Gary does about his problem:

Up for breakfast and to see brothers Wayne and Leslie off to school. Outdoors for a romp with dog, Trixy, and out to the buildings to help daddy.

“Hi, Uncle Willis!” “Helps” daddy by discussing important matters with Alvin’s brother and partner, Willis. Explains to Uncle Willis with some pride that he is talking on a new extension phone in shop.

Is struck by though of doughnuts left over from breakfast.  Maybe cocoa is still warm, too. Decides to investigate.

Doughnuts were delicious.  Cocoa was cool but tasty. Just finishes snack in time for a hearty lunch before naptime.

Wakes up fro nap.  Decides to ask mother if he can play outside without his jacket.  Hears mother up stairs ironing.

Question to mother is interrupted by extension phone’s ring.  Caller inquires about Mrs. Wagner picking up a group of children at school.

Good - naturedly agrees with mother that upstairs extension phone is really a blessing - saves so many trips up and down stairs... so many times a day.

“Look out, Trixy, stay away from those wheels!” Does a little work on his “north 80” until time for his brothers to come home from school. (Problem solved.)

Note:  Children’s problems we know just little about.  But ask us about extension phones in farm buildings and other telephone services to solve your problems.  That’s our specialty. Just get in touch with us at our business office.  NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY.

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